Author: hans
  • GT Championship 2020

    This year’s result of the GT Championship. Jonas Abrahamsson Adam Höögs Joel Löw


    Did you know that we have our own wind turbines that supply ALL our operations with energy? Actually fantastic if we can say it ourselves. They are only a few miles from us. 

  • Euroguss 2020

    Euroguss 14-16 Januar.  Halle 7 / 7-734. Bestellen Sie hier Ihr Ticket zur EUROGUSS. Voucher code: A395334 Willkommen!           

  • 9 April: GT ACADEMY. Time to register!

    By sharing information on how best to utilise all the benefits that can be obtained directly from die casting in zinc, we can help strengthen our competitiveness. This is why we have GT Academy. More knowledge for more people must always be better than less. The next session for GT Academy is April 4 2019. […]