Med tillväxt som filosofi - Gjuteriteknik


We are specialists in die casting with zinc. Our goal is to act as a partner who can offer a complete production process. We take responsibility for solving our customers’ logistic needs and act as a partner from the design stage, so that we can offer the most cost-effective product achievable. Parts are produced using fully automated processes and the latest production equipment, which allow us to offer a high degree of flexibility and quality, as well as ensuring correct delivery on time. We produce a wide selection of products for our customers, which entails many different types of machining and surface finish.


We completed a major expansion of around 2,400 square metres in 2017. The extended production area has given us a capacity that is closely matched to our customers’ current demands, as well as allowing us to continue to grow with new projects as and when required by our customers.


Gjuteriteknik was founded in 1978 and has been voted several times as one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden by the business newspaper Dagens Industri. In 2012 we were also chosen as Entrepreneur of the Year in Värnamo. We are especially proud of the Nothin Prize we won in 2016. From the regional newspaper Värnamo Nyheter, 22/9: “Grow steadily, think long term and reinvest so that you have good opportunities to stay at the forefront. These are some of the ideas that guide the brothers Jonas and Peter Abrahamsson at Gjuteriteknik AB.”