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ZAMAK – The commonest alloys

Zinc parts are never made from 100 per cent zinc. We use a variety of alloys to achieve different properties in the product. The commonest alloys consists of around 95 per cent zinc, a few per cent aluminium and smaller amounts of copper and magnesium. Which alloy is best for an application depends on what properties you require in the end product. Zamak is a group of very common zinc alloys that Gjuteriteknik uses frequently. Zamak is actually a trademark that is made up of the constituent metals: zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper.

EZAC – A stronger zinc alloy

Ezac is a trademark and the latest material in the zinc world. It is a specially developed alloy of zinc that has better properties than other alloys in a number of areas. It has better creep resistance, higher tensile strength and is stronger. We use this alloy when a product needs to meet stricter demands.