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Bikechallenge one year!

Now it’s time to sum up the first year of our bicycle challenge BIKE CHALLENGE. (1/5-20 to 4/30-21)

This year’s winner: Rikard Ekdahl! Great job!

What do we get out of this you might ask?
Here is the result: In total, we have cycled 1835 times, an average of 9 cycles per day to and from work.

1. Everyone who has cycled has received the following health benefits (*source 1177, Vårdguiden)

  • Any form of movement has a positive effect on your body.
  • You become less stressed and sleep better.
  • The brain is positively affected when you move.

2. By doing so, we have reduced our fuel consumption corresponding to 1410 l of fossil fuel, which in turn has saved nature from 3220 kg of carbon dioxide. (based on an average distance of 3.5 km and an average consumption of 1.09 l/mile for a distance of less than 10 km. *source, Vi bilä

3. In addition to that, those who cycled have saved their wallets from SEK 70250 in expenses for fuel and car wear and tear (* based on Motormännen’s standard TCO) You will simply be happy.