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CUSTOMER VISIT: Wernamo Design

Wernamo Design sells garden products online and via retailers.
These include railings, fencing, trellises, border edging and lots more besides. All of them attractive to look at and nicely designed.

“What’s the most important quality for us as a supplier?”

Patrik Skillfeldt, CEO:
“I would say delivery reliability. Our sales season is during spring and summer.
During that period, we must have everything in stock, and any delay would mean a reduction in sales.
It’s something that has always worked well with Gjuteriteknik.”

“That was nice to hear.
Why did you choose zinc die casting to start with?

“Previously the feet for our fence were welded, but the quality was slightly uneven.
So we looked at the possibility of zinc die casting. It has turned out really well.
The post footings now have our logo stamped into them and they come out identical each time. Down to a gram.
Gjuteriteknik is right on our doorstep, so deliveries have sometimes arrived by forklift truck. Lightning fast.”

“Spring’s approaching fast and the season starts now. What do your plans for 2019 look like?”

Magnus Lasson, Sales:

“Everything’s looking promising; we’re standing at the ready in the spring sunshine. Despite the fact that we have an online sales platform, we are open 8 to 5 just like any ordinary store. It’s important to be on hand, as people want to talk to “a real person” before making their purchases.
A really great bit of news is that we have just appointed an agent in Norway.
So deliveries will now start moving westwards,” says Magnus with a smile.

“Good luck!”

GT tip now that the spring sunshine is on its way in: Visit