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We are ready!

Successfully in the fall / winter we have completed the various stages of our extension. At first, the stock was ready, then we filled up with production area. The last stage meant a little more space in office and staff space and better facilities to receive visits from customers and others.

We have already used the expanded production areas to set up two new press casting cells this year. A 200 ton machine and 80 ton machine have now expanded our production capacity. A third machine comes at w13. We have also expanded our staffing team with some new jobs this winter.

We expect that we have acquired a capacity that is well-balanced with our customers’ current demand and which also gives us the opportunity to continue to grow with new projects with our customers.

It feels very good now to have updated and purposeful premises that do not put an end to the business in the next few years. It also feels very nice to the guy who carved out old tiles around one’s desk and that he who ripped walls in the middle of production now is with somebody else and disturbs 🙂

/Jonas Abrahamsson